Amazon Quiz Time 01 November 2020 Answers : Win Fujifilm Camera

Last Updated on 1 November 2020

Win Fujifilm Camera by playing Amazon Quiz of 01 November 2020 answers. Amazon Quiz Answers Today having 5 questions and you have to answer all right.

Answers of 02 November 2020 ( Check on 02 November 2020 after 8AM )

Amazon Quiz 01 November 2020

1) The Currently Under Construction 14.15 Km Long Zojila Tunnel Will Connect Which Two Places?

Answer : Srinagar To Leh

2) Who Recently Claimed The Record For Reaching 1 Million Followers On Instagram, In The Fastest Time?

Answer : David Attenborough

3) QSD, Also Known As The Quad Is An Informal Strategic Forum Between The United States, Australia, India And Which Other Country?

Answer : Japan

4) Before They Started To Produce Cars, What Type Of Vehicle Did This Brand Manufacture?

Answer : Tractor

5) Which Greek Goddess Is This Temple Dedicated To?

Answer : Athena

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Amazon Quiz Time Details

Quiz NameAmazon Quiz Today 01 November 2020
Quiz Time01 November 2020 | 8 AM to 12 PM
Quiz PrizeFujifilm Camera
Winner Announcement01 November 2020

How to Play Amazon Quiz ?

Step 1 : You can play quiz only on Amazon App, so you have to download & install the Amazon Android or iOS app from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

Step 2 : Open Amazon App & Sign in into your Amazon Account with registered Email and Password (Create an account if you do not have an existing Amazon account)

Step 3 : Now go to the Amazon Quiz page by clicking on the

Menu  FunZone

Step 4 : Now just click the quiz which you want to complete by tapping the “Start” Button

Step 5 : You have to answer the all questions correctly in the Daily Amazon Quiz in order to be eligible to win exciting prizes

Step 6 : After answering all questions correctly of the quiz, you will be eligible for the Amazon Quiz winners’ lucky draw.

Step 7 : The Amazon Quiz lucky draw winners are announced on the winners list declaration date.

Amazon Quiz Answers 31 October 2020

1) What Is The Name Of The Indian Government. Project That Aims To Connect More Than 2.5 Lakh Gram Panchayats With High-Speed Broadband?

Answer : BharatNet

2) With 87% Of The Votes In Her Favor, Jacinda Ardern Has Been Re-Elected For A Second Term As The Prime Minister Of Which Nation?

Answer :  New Zealand

3) Which Recently Released Memoir Is Divided Into Four Parts: “Wayward Child”, “Sing. Sing.”, “All That Glitters”, And “Emancipation”?

Answer : The Meaning Of Mariah Carey

4) Located In A Church In Italy, Whose Statue Sculpted By Michelangelo Is Depicted In This Picture?

Answer : Moses

5) Which Nation Does This Fruit Originate From?

Answer : Mexico

Amazon Quiz Answers 30 October 2020

1) Succeeding Jawed Ashraf, Vishal Sharma has been appointed as the Permanent Representative of India in which UN agency?

Answer : UNESCO

2) Lewis Hamilton, Winner of the Eifel Grand Prix, represents which car manufacturer?

Answer : Mercedes

3) Following the President’s resignation, the PM Sadyr Zhaparov also becomes the acting president of which country?

Answer : Kyrgyzstan

4) Where in Italy is this UNESCO world heritage site located?

Answer : Pisa

5) Name this drink that shares its name with a borough in New York City.

Answer : Manhattan

Amazon Quiz Answers 29 October 2020

1) Late Bhanu Athaiya was the first Indian to win an Academy Award in which category for her work in the 1982 film Gandhi?

Answer : Costume Design

2) Iga Swiatek, winner of the Women’s Singles at the French Open 2020, hails from which country?

Answer : Poland

3) Name India’s indigenous anti-radiation missile that was successfully flight tested off the east coast of the country in October 2020.

Answer : Rudram

4) This map is featured in which famous TV show that is hosted by HBO?

Answer : Game of Thrones

5) This is the national sport of which of these Asian countries?

Answer : Bhutan

Amazon Quiz Answers 28 October 2020

1) In October 2020, a rare first edition of which children’s book has sold for £75,000 at an auction?

Answer : Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone

2) Padma Shri Recipient Shobha Naidu, who recently passed away, was known for which dance form?

Answer : Kuchipudi

3) According to the World Bank’s International Debt Statistics 2021, which country became the largest creditor?

Answer : China

4) This player scored his one and only IPL century against which team?

Answer : Kochi Tuskers Kerala

5) Which North American country’s national animal is this?

Answer : Canada

Amazon Quiz Answers 27 October 2020

1) PM Modi released a ₹100 coin to commemorate the 100th birth anniversary of Vijaya Scindia, who is also known as the Rajmata of which city?

Answer : Gwalior

2) The 2020 Nobel Prize for Economics was awarded to Paul R. Milgrom and Robert B. Wilson for their contributions in improving which theory?

Answer : Auction Theory

3) World Student’s Day is observed every year on 15th October to commemorate the birth anniversary of which Indian president?

Answer : APJ Abdul Kalam

4) For which team does this player play for in the IPL 2020?

Answer : Rajasthan Royals

5) This statue was a gift to the United States from the people of which country?

Answer : France

Amazon Quiz Answers 24 October 2020

1) Housing For All — A Better Urban Future’ is the 2020 theme for which day celebrated every year by the UN on October 5?

Answer : World Habitat Day

2) 23 Yards’ is a new brand of personal care products launched by which former Indian cricketer?

Answer : Ravi Shastri

3) The BBC short story award for 2020, won by Sarah Hall who became the first to ever win the award twice, is supported by which University?

Answer : Cambridge University

4) Which country released official stamps honouring this character?

Answer : Japan

5) Who was the first Indian woman to win a silver medal in this sport in the Olympics?

Answer : P V Sindhu

Amazon Quiz Answers 23 October 2020

1) Pratyush, Mihir and the upcoming PARAM Siddhi are examples of what found in India?

Answer : Super computers

2) Louise Glück, an American Poet, received the Nobel Prize in which category?

Answer : Literature

3) India celebrates October 5 every year as the ‘Ganga River ________ Day’. Fill in the blank with the name of an animal.

Answer : Dolphin

4) In which state is the structure, found on the back of this note, located?

Answer : Madhya Pradesh

5) Who was the first Supreme Leader of the country this flag belongs to?

Answer : Kim-il-Sung

Amazon Quiz Answers 21 October 2020

1) In October 2020, The Indo-American Chamber of Commerce awarded which Indian Businessman the Lifetime Achievement Award?

Answer : Ratan Tata

2) As a part of UN’s International Day of Girl Child, 16 year old Aava Murto became the Prime Minister of which country for one day?

Answer : Finland

3) On the occasion of Second World Cotton Day, which premium brand of Indian cotton was launched by Smriti Irani?

Answer : Kasturi Cotton

4) What is the currency of the country this structure is located in?

Answer : Egyptian Pound

5) Identify this American President who is the only American President ever to have a patent to his name.

Answer : Abraham Lincoln

Amazon Quiz Answers 20 October 2020

1) The 2020 Nobel Prize for Chemistry was jointly awarded to Chemistry experts of USA and which other country?

Answer : France

2) Justice KK Usha, who recently passed away, was the first woman chief justice of which state?

Answer : Kerala

3) Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah has been sworn in as the New Emir of which country?

Answer : Kuwait

4) The emperor who commissioned this monument to be built was the successor of which Mughal Emperor?

Answer : Jahangir

5) A large part of the money generated by such apple products go to fund programmes to fight which disease?

Answer : HIV/AIDS

Amazon Quiz Answers 19 October 2020

1) 2020 Nobel Prize for Physics winner, Roger Penrose is the Emeritus Rouse Ball Professor of Mathematics at which university?

Answer : University of Oxford

2) Activists from Iran, Nicaragua, USA and which country received the 2020 Right Livelihood Award also known as the Alternative Nobel Prize?

Answer : Hepatitis C

3) Syeda Anwara Taimur, who recently passed away, was which state’s first and only woman Cheif Minister ever?

Answer : Assam

4) How many times has the man on this currency note been nominated for the Nobel Prize?

Answer : 5

5) Identify the CEO of the company that produces this electric car.

Answer : Elon Musk 

Amazon Quiz Answers 18 October 2020

1) As A Tribute To Mahatma Gandhi, The Day 2nd October Is Known As The International Day Of ________ . Fill In The Blanks

Answer : Non-Violence

2) H.J Alter, C.M Rice ,M. Houghton Were Declared The Winners Of The 2020 Nobel Prize For Physiology/Medicine For Discovering Which Virus?

Answer : Hepatitis C

3) Isher Judge Ahluwalia, A Padma Bhushan Recipient Who Recently Passed Away, Was Known For Her Expertise In Which Subject?

Answer : Economics

4) Formerly Named Place De L’Étoile, This Monument Resides In Which City?

Answer : Paris

5) Who Is The CEO Of The Company That Manufactures This Product.

Answer : Satya Nadella

Amazon Quiz Answers 17 October 2020

1) Bongosagar is a bilateral naval exercise between India and which other countries?

Answer : Bangladesh

2) The Social Innovation & Incubation Mission Launched By The Ministry Of Social Justice And Empowerment Is Named After Which Great Indian?

Answer : Bhimrao Ambedkar

3) During The 2020 IPL, Which Cricketer Became The First Indian To Cross 9000 Runs In T20 Cricket?

Answer : Virat Kohli

4) These Are Different Phases Of Which Astronomical Body?

Answer : Moon

5) Name This Animal Famed For Its Upright Posture.

Answer : Meerkat

Amazon Quiz Answers 16 October 2020

1) Prime Minister Narendra Modi Recently Inaugurated A Conference Named RAISE 2020. RAISE 2020 Is A Global Summit On What?

Answer : Artificial Intelligence

2) The Iconic Sawantwadi Wooden Toys Comes From Which Indian State?

Answer : Maharashtra

3) Origin Space, A Company From Which Country Is Set To Send Out The World’s First Asteroid Mining Robot Into Space In November 2020?

Answer : China

4) What Is This Design Called, That First Attained Popularity In Europe?

Answer : Polka Dots

5) This Is A Graffiti Of Which Iconic Scientist?

Answer : Stephen Hawking

Amazon Quiz Answers 15 October 2020

1) This Famous Palace Would Be Found In Which City In India?

Answer : Udaipur

2) Name This Animal, Also The State Animal Of Sikkim

Answer : Red Panda

3) This ‘Golden’ Fort Is Found In Which City In India?

Answer : Jaisalmer

4) In Which City, Europe’s Second Oldest Capital City, Is This Picture Taken?

Answer : Lisbon

5) Name This Bird Which Also Shares Its Name With A Publishing House.

Answer : Puffin

Amazon Quiz Answers 14 October 2020

1) Which Country Is Credited With Inventing This Food Item?

Answer : Italy

2) Name This Domed Building Which Is The Largest Church In The World.

Answer : St. Peter’s Basilica

3) In Which City Is This Tall Building Located?

Answer : Dubai

4) In Which Movie Series Would You Find This Character?

Answer : Star Wars

5) In Which Of These Sports, Would This Type Of Glove Usually Be Used?

Answer : Baseball

Amazon Quiz Answers 13 October 2020

1) After A Gap Of 16 Years, Mineral Exploration Has Started At Which Iconic Mining Region?

Answer : Kolar Gold Fields

2) Which International City Is Building A Pilot Electric Road That Will Power Specially Equipped Buses As They Drive?

Answer : Tel Aviv

3) The Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award Recognises Outstanding Work By Indians In Which Field?

Answer : Science & Technology

4) Air India One, A VVIP Aircraft Meant To Fly The Prime Minister And President Of India, Is Manufactured By Which Company?

Answer : Boeing

5) The Logo Of Which Of These Organisations Has Recently Been Changed For The First Time Since Its Inception In 1982?

Answer : Sports Authority Of India

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