NYT Connections answer 3 April 2024 : See hints and answers

Connections, the hot new word game by The New York Times, has been grabbing everyone’s attention.

It’s all about finding links between words.

Like Wordle, the game resets daily, getting more challenging each time. We’ve got hints and tips to help you tackle the puzzles.

If you’re eager for today’s puzzle, skip to the end for 3 April 2024 solution. But if you want to solve it on your own, keep reading for clues, tips, and strategies.

What is Connections?

Connections, the newest daily word game from The New York Times, has gained immense popularity on social media.

Associate puzzle editor Wyna Liu is credited with co-creating this game and introducing it to the Games section. Accessible on web browsers and mobile devices, Connections challenges players to link four words that share a commonality.

In every puzzle, you’ll find 16 words grouped into four categories.

These categories might include book titles, software, country names, and more.

Despite some words appearing to match, only one combination is right.

Correctly grouping all four words removes them from the board, but each incorrect guess counts as a mistake. Players have up to four mistakes before the game ends.

Hint for Connections Answer Today

  • Yellow: The standard
  • Green: Moves in Texas Hold’em
  • Blue: Skin conditions
  • Purple: US States shortened

Here are today’s Connections categories

  • Yellow: Benchmark
  • Green: Poker Actions
  • Blue: Skin Types
  • Purple: Starts of US States

Today’s Connections Answer for 3 April 2024

  • Poker Actions: BET, CALL, CHECK, FOLD
  • Starts of US States: KENT, MARY, MASS, WASH